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Natalia Z.

How to Self-Advocate

So often, young people feel uncomfortable speaking up for themselves and ensuring understanding and success within the classroom and beyond. This class will define self-advocacy, acknowledge the obstacles within it, and provide tools to become a lifelong self-advocate.

Nicole C.

So, You Want to Travel to Another Country?

Whether you want to take on a world language, immerse yourself into a diverse culture, enjoy delectable food, or see beauty, travelling abroad will provide all of these opportunities. Don?t let the obstacles of cost or the unknown prevent you from seizing that experience.

Jessica C.

So, You Want to Work a Part Time Job?

Young people delve into their first work experience during their teen years, and while this might take on the form of a summer job, it is possible to manage the weight of work hours and school obligations. Take this class to find out how to succeed in both.