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Leadership Classes

Older teens share life lessons from proven successes in academics, sports and the arts.

Learn from older peers how to self-advocate and gain new life skills
  • Download a prerecorded leadership sample
  • Sign up for a live class and participate in a discussion with the presenter
  • Network with your peers, meet new friends and bring yours to join the discussion

How To Write An Editorial

Speaker: Nellie G.

Whether or not you write for your school newspaper, the tips for persuasive writing provided in this class will enhance your ability to persuade others.This class will teach you how to establish your credibility and use research to support your claims.

Bring The Energy!

Speaker: Trevor S.

Young people experience life skills head on when they involve themselves in extracurricular activities and athletics, but when they take on leadership roles within those groups, they enhance their communication skills. This class will show you how to hone those skills into leading small and large groups.

Technology Addiction

Speaker: Danny P.

In the year 2020, young people have access to technology in many forms, and as you navigate the balance of school work, activities, and athletics, this class will help you to stay focused and combat that technology addiction.

How To Self-Advocate

Speaker: Natalia Z.

So often, young people feel uncomfortable speaking up for themselves and ensuring understanding and success within the classroom and beyond. This class will define self-advocacy, acknowledge the obstacles within it, and provide tools to become a lifelong self-advocate.

How To Take Effective* Notes

Speaker: Kate B.

To achieve success in a classroom or workshop setting, teens need to digest the information given in a meaningful way. This class explores various note-taking techniques, so that those signing up can figure out what method works best for them.

So, You Want To Work A Part Time Job?

Speaker: Jessica C.

Young people delve into their first work experience during their teen years, and while this might take on the form of a summer job, it is possible to manage the weight of work hours and school obligations. Take this class to find out how to succeed in both.