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Real world problems, solved by teens.
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Take it All In


We give our TI students lots of options for learning and exploration. Our path introduces a student to our programs through initial sessions with Peer Mentors. Students add on Expert Mentor sessions and Leadership Classes at their own pace.

We encourage TI students to be openminded and talk to as many Peer Mentors to experience differing points of view and philosophies. Students will learn something new and share something different with every mentor they meet and every Leadership Class they participate in.

Virtual After School Clubs

Connect with like-minded peers about topics you are passionate about, facilitated by older teens


  • Virtual sessions meet weekly
  • Engage with other students around video games, animals and pets, and exploring new places
  • Meet new people and share your passions

Noah S.

Gaming Club

In our after-school gaming club, participants will develop team building, problem-solving, and communication skills while playing their favorite video games!

Jessica C.

Animal Club

 A club for anyone that loves animals! Join us each week for interactive activities that are all about our furry friend – even a few without fur.

Kate B.

Explorers’ Club

Do you enjoy traveling? Do you like exploring new places and ecosystems? Then the explorers’ club is the place for you!


Fluid and flexible 30 min. Zoom calls

  • Connect with a peer mentor to explore your passion and find your big idea
  • Look at our sample ideation funnels to get your creative juices flowing
  • Participate in innovative problem solving exercises

Leadership Classes

Learn from older peers how to self-advocate and gain new life skills

  • Download a prerecorded leadership sample
  • Sign up for a live class and participate in a discussion with the presenter
  • Network with your peers, meet new friends and bring yours to join the discussion

Natalia Z.

How to Self-Advocate

So often, young people feel uncomfortable speaking up for themselves and…

Nicole C.

So, You Want to Travel to Another Country?

Whether you want to take on a world language, immerse yourself into a…

Jessica C.

So, You Want to Work a Part Time Job?

Young people delve into their first work experience during their teen years…

2-Minute Pitch Contest

Virtual Pitch Contests

  • Learn how to create a compelling 2 min. pitch of your ideas
  • Practice persuasive presentation and receive feedback from an Expert Mentor
  • Be invited to join a business contest!