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Our Programs

A variety of near peer mentoring sessions designed for curious young teens.

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Take it All In


Teen Innovators offers three types of sessions: virtual after school clubs, 1:1 mentoring sessions and in person events in Chicago. Each type of session leverages near peer mentoring, where high achieving older teens spend time with curious young teens. The older teens are positive influences — there to have fun while talking about everything from making friends to climate change. Over time, the young teens develop confidence, connection and community with the older teen mentors and their peers of the same age.  

Our programs are great for any curious young teen, age 11 to 16. Bright, talented, questioning or passionate students fit right in with our sessions. 

Virtual After School Clubs

Connect with like-minded peers about topics you are passionate about, facilitated by older teens


  • Virtual sessions meet weekly
  • Engage with other students around video games, animals and pets, and exploring new places
  • Meet new people and share your passions

Gaming Club

In our after-school gaming club, participants will develop team building, problem-solving, and communication skills while playing their favorite video games!

Anime Club

A community where students can watch, create and discuss anime, manga, cosplay, and all things Japanese culture.

Explorers’ Club

Do you enjoy traveling? Do you like exploring new places and ecosystems? Then the explorers’ club is the place for you!

One on One Mentorship

Fluid and flexible 30 min. Zoom calls

  • Connect with a peer mentor to explore your passion and find your big idea
  • Look at our sample ideation funnels to get your creative juices flowing
  • Participate in innovative problem solving exercises

Have questions about how to sign up or near peer mentorship?

Check out the videos from our peer mentors.