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Breaking Through Barriers

Breaking Through Barriers

Early on in her career, Asfa knew she wanted to be a teacher and a mentor. She just took a few extra turns along the way to get there.

The first half of her career was as an up and coming sales executive and later she was able to find her niche in leading a global Learning & Development group for a big data company serving the consumer packaged goods industry. For twelve years, she focused on growing the skills of employees and executives around the world.

Many women at her company saw her as a role model and mentor since she was in a highly visible position. Being of middle eastern descent allowed her to inspire other women of color. Soon she found that she was mentoring many younger, multicultural women.

After spending time coaching women in the industry, she realized that she had become the person she needed when she began her career. And, so began her passionate pursuit in engaging and inspiring young men and women to success in their respective careers.

Today, Asfa spends a good portion of her time sending the elevator back down to help others achieve success in their careers.