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The Sea of Change is Unstoppable

by | Sep 13, 2020 | Teen Innovators

The world has had to pause and reflect. For many, we are noticing the impact of climate change.

For example, people in India saw the Himalayas for the first time in decades, as the lockdown eases air pollution. Images like these reminds us of the beauty and abundance of our world.

2019 was a banner year for sustainability. And at Elevate Packaging, another record-setting year as brands eliminated even more toxic plastics from landfill waste, and switched to soil-enriching compostables.

We have made progress in raising awareness about our collective responsibility to our planet. We know things are shifting because more brands care, behaviors are changing, local communities are taking action, and students are speaking up (Go Greta Thunberg!).

Yet, even with the progress made to date, there remains a significant need for collaboration and alignment of all stakeholders to create an effective national composting system value chain.

We have much more than hope; We have action, and the sea of change is unstoppable!


by Rich Cohen, founder of Elevate Packaging, member of USCC (US Compost Council) and founding member of The Corporate Compost Leadership Council