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Why I Created a Business During COVID around Connection

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Teaching

When COVID crept into our lives, life as we knew it was forever changed. We have all been affected by this pandemic as a collective. But we have also had very individual and unique personal experiences of it. Taking the ‘busy’ out of life allowed me to think, to look around, and experience life through the eyes of my teenage son. 

Our family was spending quality time together, however, I realized that during this time of remote learning when teens can’t physically be together, connection and a sense of purpose are more important than ever. They are key to feeling a sense of hope and inspiration for all of us, but especially teens, for whom peer relationships are so important.

That is when I knew I needed to think big and create something that had a lasting impact.

Start with ‘What If?’

Know your Why

Surround Yourself with Big Thinkers

Chicago is a town with big ideas and an incredible innovative ecosystem. Luke Tanen, Executive Director, Chicago Innovation, believes that ”In times of crisis, there is usually mass amounts of innovation.” Tom Kuczmarski, co-founder of Chicago Innovation states in a Chicago Tribune article that the key to beating the coronavirus is innovation.

Ideas Turn Into Innovation