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From Chemist to Entrepreneur, How One Expert Mentor Strove to Find Her Unique Voice.

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Teaching

Q: Who is Lindsey Wander and what is Worldwise Tutoring?

 A: Lindsey Wander would describe herself as many things; a biologist, a chemist, a teacher, engineer, and world traveler. Obviously very accomplished women, Wander graduated from the California State University-Fresno with degrees in biology, chemistry and math.  Following her graduation she traveled the world completing internships and research programs looking for something to spark her interests, it wasn’t until she landed a role as a teacher that Wander learned her true calling. During our interview Wander stressed the importance of having passion in your career and the impact it has. Now the creator of World of the Wise tutoring, Wander strives to educate people from 2 years of age all the way up to 50. When she started her career in a low income middle school she realized the boundary school systems hold on education. By starting her own company Wander has been able to educate people in school and the real world.


Q: What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self?
A: Don’t let yourself be boxed in by a label. Labels can stunt your passions, you should strive to find your own unique voice. 


Q:What does success look like to you?
A: Finding your true purpose. Wander genuinely looks forward to going into work, she has something that she is proud of with or without financial success. Wander stressed that she was individually proud of herself and no longer bases her success on other people.


Q: Favorite places to travel?
A: Southeast Asia 


After speaking with Lindsey Wander, the founder of World Wise Tutoring it is easy to say that Lindsey is a very accomplished woman.To start her teaching career Wander went back to school to become a certified teacher, once she graduated she immediately began working as a middle school teacher in a low income neighborhood. This was the second turning point in Wanders’ life. She quickly realized in her middle school career that there were so many boundaries placed on education. Certain books cannot be read, there’s a state and school wide curriculum and there are multiple subjects being taught within the same 8 hour period.


Written by Quinn Wright, peer mentor, a senior at DePauw University where she is double majoring in history and global health.  

Lindsey Wander is an expert mentor at Teen Innovators.  Student’s in the growth subscription can book a session with her.