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Why Teens Need Good Communication Skills

by | Sep 13, 2020 | Articles

Sweaty palms, stuttering, and shaky legs. Oh no, you are about to deliver a speech in front of all your classmates and you have just fallen victim to a common enemy: the fear of public speaking. Many educational systems try to combat this by mandating teens to take one oral communications class, hopefully sometime early in their high school career. However, what happens to the teens who go to schools that do not offer public speaking classes? Fortunately, Teen Innovators is here to help.

With the mentorship that Teen Innovators offers, teens will be able to confidently pitch their big ideas in the business contest. The mentors validate, give helpful advice, and share their expertise in order to inspire the teens to be their best selves. Many of these mentors have a background in public speaking and what better way to learn how to master speaking than by learning from the masters themselves! To actually think that one day, instead of giving a pitch for a contest, these teens could be giving a real presentation of their own to future investors – that’s pretty exciting! Imagine how more convincing and persuasive they will appear to these investors with these amazing communication skills they acquired at such a young age.

Teen Innovators prepares teens for a lifetime of success. In order to be successful, you have to be able to advocate for yourself. By equipping these teens with speech skills, there will be a decline in the fear of speaking, participation in class will increase, and the students will be more likely to take on extracurriculars incorporating speech. Not to mention that most jobs consist of speaking — that is speaking effectively. By beginning early, teens will be more open to innovation and entrepreneurship.
There have been so many times that I stumbled upon someone who is extremely smart. The only problem is he or she lacks the necessary communication skills to relay that intelligence and knowledge to others. The art of speech is essential and crucial for future success.

No matter what career path you choose, speech will be utilized, so it is necessary that the youth become comfortable with public speaking at an early age. Thankfully, the mentors at Teen Innovators work to enhance the youth’s confidence – which will subsequently strengthen the leaders of tomorrow’s communication skills.

By Nellie G., Sr. Editor of her high school newspaper and class valedictorian.