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Inspiring confidence to solve today’s challenges together.

Leadership Classes

Calling all parents of 5th-8th graders!
Inspire curiosity, confidence, and creative problem-solving.


Be a part of the Chicago Student Invention Convention Team.
Our program consists of eight free evening sessions in April with our expert mentors.
Learn about the innovation process from problem-solving, concept, design, testing, and prototype creation.

A select few will be sent to the Chicago Student Invention Convention on May 1st to compete on a citywide level!




We provide a platform for ideas from teens to be heard, acknowledged and validated. We believe that YOUR voice matters and YOU can make a difference. We do this through flexible and fluid 30-minute mentoring sessions that leave you feeling empowered and purposeful. We do this through Leadership Classes that are fun and useful.

Write your own playbook.

Young African American Man Grown in Big City

Our Mentors

Peer Mentors are older teens who recently walked in your shoes. Expert Mentors are accomplished business professionals.

Hannah S.
Hannah S.

Peer Mentor

Sudeep Nadkarni
Sudeep Nadkarni

Expert Mentor

Beth Kraszewski
Beth Kraszewski

Expert Mentor

Nathan C.
Nathan C.

Peer Mentor

Trevor S.
Trevor S.

Peer Mentor

Kate B.
Kate B.

Peer Mentor


"The peer mentor listened to me and validated my ideas."

Student in 6th grade

"The program is easy to follow because the peer mentor explained it so well."

Student in 7th grade

"It felt very on topic and very professional."

Student in 9th grade

"I felt supported and the mentor really understood where I was coming from."

Elena, 8th grade

"I feel like adults need to listen to Teens. We have a lot of big ideas and this is a great platform for them to be heard."

Matthew, 8th grade

"I connect with youth to help them create their pitch."

Peer Mentor

"I can see the young teen's confidence grow throughout one 30-minute Zoom call."

Peer Mentor

"Every conversation I have with both the students and the expert mentors is so genuine."

Kate, Manager of Curriculum at Teen Innovators

"My son's confidence in talking to adults increased after the session. He ran to his grandpa and wanted to share his ideas."

Beth K, Parent

Our Programs


One-on-one virtual mentor sessions

Leadership Classes

Peer-presented, interactive live and streaming

Biz Contests

Win coveted spots Virtual pitches

About Us

Startup girl leader speaks at the pitch session


– Teen Innovator Expert Mentor

We are passionate about instilling the drive, determination, and desire for tomorrow’s leaders to thrive. Teen Innovators was founded with the understanding that the leaders of tomorrow are writing their own playbook. It all starts with demonstrating the ability to ideate, owning the opportunity to fail, knowing how to get back up, and having the drive to get back in the game.

Leadership Classes

Learn from older peers how to self-advocate and gain new life skills

  • Download a prerecorded leadership sample
  • Sign up for a live class and participate in a discussion with the presenter
  • Network with your peers, meet new friends and bring yours to join the discussion

Natalia Z.

How to Self-Advocate

So often, young people feel uncomfortable speaking up for themselves and ensuring understanding and success within the classroom and beyond. This class will define self-advocacy, acknowledge the obstacles within it, and provide tools to become a lifelong self-advocate.

Nicole C.

So, You Want to Travel to Another Country?

Whether you want to take on a world language, immerse yourself into a diverse culture, enjoy delectable food, or see beauty, travelling abroad will provide all of these opportunities. Don?t let the obstacles of cost or the unknown prevent you from seizing that experience.

Jessica C.

So, You Want to Work a Part Time Job?

Young people delve into their first work experience during their teen years, and while this might take on the form of a summer job, it is possible to manage the weight of work hours and school obligations. Take this class to find out how to succeed in both.

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